Dreamland and Ghostland

London: George Redway, Oct 1887, hc;


Volume 1, 318(2)pp

  • Preface, p. v-viii

  • Mab, the Woman of the Dream (anonymous)

  • Fore-Armed, by A. Savile

  • Only Ten Minutes; or, What My Dream Told Me (anonymous)

  • The Ghost of Lawford Hall (anonymous)

  • A Strange Fact (anonymous)

  • A Double Event; or 200 to 1, by D. Belgrave

  • A Warning Bell (anonymous)

  • Cousin Geoffrey's Chamber, by Mrs. Henry Clifford

  • Three Strange Stories, by C. A. M.

  • The Brand of Cain; or, What Could It Be? (anonymous)

  • Unmasked by a Bullet, by B. H. West

  • Twelve O'Clock, Noon (anonymous)

  • Seen in the Mirror (anonymous)

Volume 2, 320pp;

  • The Three Overheard Whispers (anonymous)

  • J. Habakuk Jephson's Statement, by Arthur Conan Doyle

  • Madame Valeria; An Italian Ghost Story (anonymous)

  • A Blind Man's Notions about Ghosts (anonymous)

  • A Coachful of Ghosts, by Eleanor C. Price

  • The Argument in Favour of Ghosts (anonymous)

  • My Adventure: the Story of a Granted Wish (anonymous)

  • The Mystery of The Mess Room (anonymous)

  • Half a Minute Late (anonymous)

  • How I Came to Believe in a Ghost (anonymous)

Volume 3, 308(12)pp;