The Conan Doyle Stories,

A collected edition of the non-Holmes short stories in six volumes:

London: John Murray

vol.1 - Tales of the Ring and Camp,

(co) 12 Jul 1922, iv+312(4)pp;

vol.2 - Tales of Pirates and Blue Water, (co) 12 Jul 1922, 308(8)pp;

vol.3 - Tales of Terror and Mystery, (co) 12 Jul 1922, iv+310(6)pp;

vol.4 - Tales of Twilight and the Unseen, (co) 27 Jul 1922, iv+312(4)pp;

vol.5 - Tales of Adventure and Medical Life, (co) 27 Jul 1922, iv+310(6)pp;

vol.6 - Tales of Long Ago, (co) 2 Nov 1922, iv+211(9)pp;